Front Line Defense is built on family, community, and real life experience.

Our Philosophy

At Front Line Defense, we believe in being prepared to protect and help our family, friends, and community. Those are the things that motivated us to gain our decades of experience, and they’re what motivate us to share our experience and knowledge with the community.

We focus on practical, useful preparation that you can count on when it matters most.

Our Team.

Jeremie Bular

Jeremie has years of experience as a firefighter, EMT, avid hunter, and firearm enthusiast. Jeremie is a certified MCRGO and American Heart Association instructor. He and his family live in Southwest Michigan where they are active in their church and community.

Scott Flickinger

Scott served in the US Army for 13 years where he had a variety of duties including basic combat instruction for engaging with armed and unarmed combatives. Scott was a KVCC instructor for ‘Blue Dogs’ police cadet subject control (armed and unarmed combat) and weapon retention for 5 iterations. Scott also served as a WMU MICIS (Michigan Crisis Intervention System) instructor, proxy, and tester for 10 iterations. Scott is now an owner and instructor at Trintiy martial arts. He has a red belt in Taekwondo (children’s and adult’s class instructor and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu (children’s class instructor). Scott has been an MCRGO instructor for years.